Whisky Review – Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or


I’m a fan of Glenmorangie, I’ll admit that openly and without hesitation. In the last, oh I don’t know, 10 years I’ve tried many expressions of this Highland malt and I have yet to find one that I didn’t enjoy or love. In fact my first review here was Glenmorangie 10 year old ‘Original’ and since I’ve not revisited them in a blogging way. The exploration of extra maturation is a big part of the Scotch world these days and I think pretty confidently that it’s here to stay. Some distilleries do it poorly, others like Glenmorangie, in my view nail it. A %46 product, non-chill-filtered you’re getting a more natural product that I think just gives you so much more bang for your buck… or $90 bucks here in Nova Scotia.

Recently I have discovered a bit of a bromance with White Wines. My experience with Wine over the last 10 years or longer has been limited mostly Reds. My Family are lovers of red wines. Most of my friends drink Red wines as well. Now, this is not suggesting folks that I don’t enjoy a glass of Red especially paired with the right food but I never really found myself interested in sitting in my chair sipping a glass of wine, red wine. 3However, somehow rather by accident I found out that I was a White wine man, and since I started to enjoy some glasses of White on a higher level I started to pick up Wine on trips into the NSLC for wine for guests or what not. Here in Nova Scotia we have 20+ Wineries and really for me all the Reds I take a pass on but indeed the Whites, pretty darn good. While this is a relatively new thing for me it make me think… what about a Whisky finished in ex-white wine barrels? Queue Nectar D’or!

2After it’s first 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels Glenmorangie finishes Nectar D’or in Sauternes casks, the former home of White French desert wines. Again, since I have learned that White Wine and I are now friends, this was very interesting to me. Furthermore, I was always a big fan of trying to find something that was more of an after diner Whisky that was not a Sherrybomb. I knew there were some out there for me to find and I maybe, just maybe found a new top 10 bottle here. I figured, this is going to be good, maybe even excellent.. .fantastic?

Nose Honey, vanilla, white chocolate, cereal grain, buttery pastry, caramel, coffee cream, hint of ginger and mint. Floral characteristics with time and water, oak and butterscotch

Pallet full body, syrupy, this really coats your mouth very satisfying. Sweet fruits, honey comb. Toffee, icing sugar, lemons, lemon pie… this is lemon pie in a glass. Apples, Tangerine, pineapple faintly. Finish grains, oak, only a slight bitterness, raw sugar. There’s a spice to the finish, something similar enough to Ginger but is different but I’ll just call it Ginger.4

Certainly a sweet and very satisfying mouth feel. This goes great with a splash of water and it is also completely fine neat. One or the other is not superior just a little different. Water makes it more perfumed, a little more spice. Neat a little sweeter, more mouth coating.

5I also love the packaging for most of Glenmorangie’s products. A nice box with lots of fun information on it and a lovely bottle with a nice cork. For me next to the bottles from Macallan and Aberlour, this one is right up there in terms of a beautiful bottle.

For those interested, Glenmorangie has 2 more extra matured Drams in their core range, Quinta Ruban (which I actually had last night at a friends) which is finished with Port (I thought it was on par with everything else I have had from them) and La Santa which is a Sherry Finish, and is very good. I’ve also had the Signette which is a combination of many finishes and that is rather significantly excellent, although Expensive. Which is one thing about Glenmorangie, typically their prices are reasonable. I know I said that in previous tweets or blog posts, but it begs a repeat. If you’re looking to buy a Single Malt for a friend, Glenmorangie will be a strong brand to go with. Unless they are big Peat heads, in which case you might come up short there.

I’m very pleased with this, it is somewhat a long sipper however. This is one you need to take time with, let it open up in the glass, sip slowly and enjoy a conversation or some Music while you sip.

A great Whisky, highly recommended.





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